Heritage Sites & Photo Ops

Wedding couples enjoy lovely photo ops in and around the chapel property and within short walking distance…Schneider’s Creek and various sites in Doon’s Upper Heritage District.

Doon Village was once a busy industrial centre with wood and saw mills, brickyards, barrel and carriage works, and flax and twine mills. It was also home to one of the first industrialists of this area, Mr. James Watson, and birthplace to his son – well known landscape artist – Homer Watson.

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Directly across the street from the chapel at 1221 Doon Village Road is the first building of the Doon Flax and Twine Mills, circa 1853, built by the Perine Brothers. Adjacent is a long red building, which once housed the factory workers. Today these restored buildings are rented as apartments. In the vacant field just south of the chapel, a Jute Processing Machine is archived at this present trail head and the twine mill stood to the left. Doon Twines was one of the early large manufacturers of twine in Canada. In the late 1800’s, destructive fires spread through the complex, leaving only three buildings of what was a large factory employing 200 people.


Following the trailhead a few steps in woodland, is a wooden arched bridge spanning Schneider’s Creek. Welcoming you at the foot of the bridge is a rustic sitting bench under a huge tree with swooping branches. Consider a romantic winter wedding on the bridge…as others have done before! Walking south on Doon Village Road are 2 romantic single lane bridges overlooking Schneider’s Creek as it gently meanders below.


At Doon Village Road and Doon South Drive is a lovely public path and gardened area with arbour, large rock and sitting bench. A popular place for photos. At Doon Village Road & Tilt Drive is the small homestead home of one of Canada’s most noted landscape artists. Homer Watson, born in 1855, was one of Canada’s first internationally recognized artists and he produced works which hang in Windsor Castle in England, the National Gallery in Ottawa, and the Art Gallery of Ontario, as well as numerous homes. Homer Watson’s paintings offer some of our best glimpses into the lives of our earliest settlers and pioneer life in Doon. Homer Watson lived in this home until he was 19 years old, before going off to study the art of painting.


Across from the homestead at 1008 Doon Village Road is a beautiful property boasting windmill, pond waters, bridge and lush floral garden surroundings. Arrangements can be made by calling owner/Birgitu Zolnai @ 519.748.2111 for picture taking. The Tilt family homestead and farm is on Tilt Drive, just beyond the corner of Doon Village Road & Tilt Drive. Here in the heart of the village – like in many ages past – free-range chickens roam and pasture fresh eggs are still sold today, ‘honour box system’. Firewood is available too.

Enjoy The Timeless Beauty And History Of Upper Doon Heritage District